municipal code enforcement database application

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COGConnect system documentation

COGConnect is a JavaEE-based, open source web database application for managing municpal government code enforcement and occupancy permitting workflows. Built by Technology Rediscovery LLC and students attending the Community College of Allgheny County, COGConnect’s geographic center is the Turtle Creek Valley area near Pittsburgh, PA.

About this documentation

As technical documentation designed for developers, the primary audience for these pages are system administrators and developers who wish to build, edit, or maintain an existing CodeConnect instance. Sub-components of the system each have their own briefing page which links to specific files in the repo as they are explained and indexes how-to pages for various tasks.

Subsystem briefing pages

Code enforcement phase management and requested events Notice of violation letters

Subsystem A) Property database

A property exist as a record in the property table.

Essential documentation links and topic references

Adding utility table and new columns to a postgres table

Creating user-modifyable database queries(i.e. serching)

Managing user-muni connections mini-project

Property unit management mini-project

CodeConnect system components