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municipal code enforcement database application

Resources by project topic

Official Documentation!!! Java EE

The Java Enterprise Edition (EE) is a goliath set of packages. We use java EE servlets and its entire JSF system. The Java EE 7 platform specification is the familiar javadoc generated reference.


Solid markdown tutorial by daringfireball which provides an overview of each syntactical element with an eye for explanations of reasons for various features and discussions of use cases.


The official documentation is excellent and about all Eric uses.

Java ServerFaces

Book: The Definitive guide to JSF in Java II 8 by Bauke Sholtz and Arjan Tijms was Eric’s online go-to for a lot of learning. The PDFs for JSF1 and JSF2 are excellent and can be read like book chapters since they are that detailed.

Sholtz also has his huge JSF answer index where he catalogs most of his own SO work.

Sholtz’s blog with a lot of the raw content for his book in article form.


Primefaces is an open source library of enhanced JSF components.

PrimeFaces’s showcase site is excellent because it includes HTML and XML and JAVA for each and every component which is live to click around on.

Their official PDF guide is indexed by component and is absolutely the doc to have on your hard disk.

The PF Javadoc smells bad, but is linked here in case it gets fleshed out.


The big cheeze tutorial on installing glassfish on ubuntu with actual security explanations. Created by Nabi Zamani.

Official admin guide: the 365-page pdf on all things glassfish is a must-open doc when working with server config